Sometimes, I think it's nice to be young, have an innocent face, have an atmosphere without a city, have a really pure love, and have an unrestricted life. Every time I meet my friends, what lingers in my ears is always the sentence "I envy you so much, it's nice to be a student." when I heard these words before, a happy and sweet feeling will come to me, and up to now Today, when I heard this again, I was helpless for many times, and some of the bitterness filled my brain. For many times, I wanted to be a deserter in this smoke free war, but with the cruelty of reality and the growth of age, I gradually realized what responsibility is! Every one of us will have a short period of confusion and depression in our life, but at this time, it is not important for us to thoroughly ask why all this is? What we should do in this is to enjoy the confusion, because not everyone will have such an opportunity. When we really set our mind at the right time, maybe all of them will not be so suddenly without light, quietly lost color! In the busy life, I gradually began to like this seemingly strange me, a person listening to music, a person walking on the road, a person struggling. Sometimes I dare not face her in the mirror because I feel sorry for her. Looking at her tears alone, looking at her contradictions alone, looking at her thin body, looking at her helpless choice - really sorry for her! Life is not fixed, as long as the belief is still there, we have reason to choose our own life style!